Bammy awards

How to Share Your Nomination

Place a Bammy Awards nominee badge on your web site and link it to your voting page.

You can get the official Bammy Nominee badge here.

Focus on the good news.

Your Bammy nomination gives you an opportunity to spread the good news about the projects, programs and ideas in education about which you are most passionate. Tell your professional network and all relevant stakeholders. Use the following outline to leverage your nomination and raise awareness of your pet programs, projects and ideas through national, local and online media. Here are a few suggestions:

Write and distribute a press release about your nomination. Focus on your contribution being recognized. Contact news sites and blogs that cover your education domain or sector of the education field. Send a press release to your hometown media. They are always looking for a local story with national significance. It will be a welcome break from the unrelenting news about under-performing educators and students.

Could your nomination be a feature story? Yes! Submit your story to pertinent media outlets. Your Bammy nomination can help you get on their radar screen and get coverage of your creative reading program, student engagement strategies, creative use of project- based learning or other pet project or passion.

The caliber and scope of people behind your Bammy nomination can make it newsworthy. Be sure to include the key facts about the Bammy Awards, which you can find on the Bammy Awards fact sheet.

Start an Educator's Voice campaign.

Encourage students, parents, users, partners, staff, friends, family, and the general public to vote for you or your program in the Educator's Voice Awards. Make it easy by including the link and instructions in all of your Bammy Awards outreach. Remember to underscore the spirit of the Bammy Awards and tell them why it matters.

Blog about your nomination, focus on what matters.

Post a paragraph or two about it on your blog and link to your voting page. Again, be sure to tell your readers why this matters. Let them know it's not just about you.

Tweet the good news.

Twitter and Facebook links are attached to your voting page. Ask your supporters to share the news that they voted for you. After casting votes for the Educator's Voice Award, your supporters can send tweets to their followers encouraging them to vote in your category or nominate others. The more you encourage your personal network to get involved, the more attention is placed on the great work being done by educators all across the nation everyday.

Get personal.

Send a personal email to your network of associates, peers, staff, friends, vendors, family, customers and clients to let them know about your nomination and encourage them to nominate others who are making noteworthy contributions.

Let your email signature spread the good news.

Add your Bammy nomination to your email signature and have your staff do the same if relevant.

Get social.

Spread the word about your nomination on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. It is a an easy way to encourage others to think about the importance of collaboration and to consider nominating their peers, who may also be significant contributors and model collaborators in the education community.

Spice up your company and personal bio.

Your nomination distinguishes you as a collaborator.  Add it to the list of notable facts about you or your organization.


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